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          Shaoxing Bossen Building Systems Co., Ltd., specializes in green integrated housing systems, including R&D, design, manufacture, construction and trade, whose manufacturing base is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. Our products and services are as follows: LGS green integrated housing system, box house, LGS joist, LGS plant and warehouse, and villa design. With professional design group, excellent production and installation team, and combining the integrated concepts from home and abroad, we can provide our customers with on package service from design to installation to make you own a green and environment-friendly house with high quality easily. All of our products are produced in factory, installed on site with high speed. Besides, the dry construction will leads to less environment pollution with low labor cost. It only takes not a very long time for the customers to move in a warm and comfortable new house. Our enterprise is aimed at offering the customers first ranking service all the way by creditable managing and customers highest...

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          Add: No.10 Yinzhou road, Donghu Ecological Industry Zone, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province.
          Tel:+86 575 88361539
          Fax:+86 575 88085980
          Mob:+86 13806756549

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